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There can be any number of reasons a person may want to seek a name change. One common reason is when a couple divorces and a spouse wishes to revert back to his or her name prior to the marriage. In most cases, the name change is handled as part of the divorce decree, but there can be situations where it happens at a different time.

Effective Representation for Any Name Change Need

There is a specific process involved with seeking a name change, and the assistance of an experienced Phoenix, Arizona name change lawyer can help to ensure that your interests are protected. At Lasiter & Jackson, we have extensive experience handling all types of name changes for adults and children alike.

Helping You Navigate a Sometimes Complex Process

Before your name change can be approved, you will need to complete the appropriate documents and file them with the court. You will also be required to attend a court hearing. The main purpose for the hearing is to ensure that you are not changing your name as a way to avoid a criminal charge or the payment of a debt. It also gives any interested parties the opportunity to voice objections to the change.

Once your name change has been completed, you will need to notify all interested parties in order to ensure that they update their records accordingly. These can include, but are not limited to, state and federal government agencies, creditors, financial institutions and others. In addition, you will want to update your critical documents, such as wills and powers of attorney, so that they remain valid.

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When you hire our law firm, we will take the time to explain the entire process to you. We will help you complete the necessary documentation, file it with the court and represent you at your hearing. We will also advise you of the parties that should be notified and how to reach them.

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