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child endangerment charges - victim suffer physical injury from criminal negligence to constitute child neglectOne of the most distressing aspects of sharing custody of a child after a separation or a divorce is the possibility that your child may be endangered when out of your care. You may or may not trust the other parent to keep your child safe. Other people who come into the family may put your child at substantial risk in various ways.

What Is Child Endangerment?

Do you have reason to believe that your ex-husband, ex-wife or former partner is endangering your child in any of the following ways?

  • Exposure to unhealthy, illicit sexual liaisons with new partners of the other parent
  • Sexual abuse of the child
  • Exposure to drug or alcohol abuse
  • Exposure to criminal activity of any kind
  • Failure of the other parent to consistently use seatbelts or child seats in the car when transporting your child
  • Failure of the other parent to keep the house locked, keep a working smoke alarm in the house and otherwise keep the child safe at home
  • Exposure of the child to dangerous animals such as ferocious dogs
  • Leaving a young child home alone without a caregiver present

In whatever way you suspect that the other parent is endangering your son or daughter, there is no time to waste. You should contact our law offices in Phoenix.

Lawyer Stephanie Jackson or lawyer Nicole Lasiter can advise and assist you if you believe your child is endangered when in the custody of the other parent. We can guide you through the process of petitioning a court for an order of protection and a revised child custody order if facts warrant this.

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arizona revised statutes for child safety - death or serious physical injury result in child abuse charges and report child neglectAt Lasiter & Jackson, we provide understanding and compassion for the delicate issues associated with child custody and visitation. We are committed to helping parents take action to protect their children, at a reasonable cost.

Contact our law office in Arizona for child neglect or criminal defense attorneys. Harmful child abuse? Cases involving dangerous crimes? Lawyer analysis can help you take the steps necessary to protect your child from physical or psychological harm. 

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