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Many who consider divorce hesitate due to unanswered questions regarding their options and the potential costs involved.

Mediation provides an alternative to expensive divorce litigation and works to resolve disputes such as property division, child custody and parenting time (visitation) and support issues in a proactive manner.

Both Nicole Lasiter and Stephanie Jackson are formally trained, certified mediators and have over a combined 36 years of mediation experience.

At Lasiter & Jackson, our mediation practice is full-service which includes final document preparation (for example: divorce decree and child support documents.)

What Does a Mediator Do?

As neutral mediators, our lawyers will meet with both spouses to work out the details of dividing marital property, custody and support issues in an equitable manner. Our services include preparing all court documents so that you never have to appear in court in the event of a settlement. Mediation is often easier on children, a much lower cost to the parties, and gives the parties more control of the outcome of their divorce which is lost if one goes to court. Contact us to learn more about whether mediation is right for you.

The Benefits of Mediation

A divorce mediator works as a neutral party to facilitate discussion regarding the various aspects of a divorce. Spouses work together with the mediator to find common grounds for settlement, negotiate lingering issues and understand their legal options according to Arizona family laws. In so doing, again, mediation gives individuals more control over the outcomes of their divorce settlement while many times avoiding the expense of separate attorneys. It is often less expensive than litigation as parties work out the details of the divorce outside of court.

Mediation also allows space for you to discover and address any issues that may have been overlooked such as allocating child tax deductions or the division of marital debt. While no one can force you into an agreement you cannot live with, mediation gives you the time and information to determine whether it is worth the time and expense to fight for desired outcomes in litigation.

Contact Our Arizona Family Law Mediators

If the prospect of divorce litigation seems daunting to you, there is another way. Many discover that mediation can help save time, money and stress in divorce. Attorney Stephanie Jackson and lawyer Nicole Lasiter can help you understand whether mediation is right for your situation. Contact our firm to discuss your situation with one of our experienced Phoenix mediation lawyers.


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