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The Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

We understand why you are thinking about handling your own divorce. Attorneys can be expensive. This is a rough economy, and you may already know exactly what you want to have happen in your divorce.

Why Should You Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

However, before you make the decision to go forward alone, we strongly recommend that you speak with an attorney to review your options. The family lawyers at Lasiter & Jackson represent clients throughout Maricopa County and Pinal County. We are aggressive lawyers who take a progressive approach to family law, divorce, child custody and support issues in Arizona.

At Lasiter & Jackson, our attorneys have practiced in divorce law for more than 3 decades combined. We have litigated against aggressive lawyers without much experience and pro se litigants (clients handling their cases by themselves). It is the law that everyone, pro se litigant and lawyer alike, know the rules and court procedures.

People Who Represent Themselves Are Held to the Same Standards as Attorneys

Pro se litigants (individuals representing themselves) are held to the exact same standards as lawyers. This means that they are expected to know the same things as a family law attorney, including:

  • Arizona law
  • Family court procedures and rules
  • Family mediation procedures
  • Filing and court ordered requirements and deadlines
  • And more

Can you do it yourself? You can, but ask yourself if you will be happy with the results. Far too many times, we have seen a pro se litigant struggle before a judge against an experienced lawyer.

Save Money by Doing It Right the First Time

Clients often come in to our law office and ask, “I represented myself. Now, what can you do to fix what happened in my case?” It is much more difficult to fix a mistake made in a child custody, child support or another divorce hearing than it is to do it right the first time. By hiring an experienced family law attorney to guide you through the process, you will save yourself time and may even save money.

Because we are keenly aware of the financial situation many of our clients are in, we provide options for low cost legal services. To find out how our approach can work for you during your divorce or other family law issue, contact our law office in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Why Should You Hire A Qualified Lawyer?

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