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The attorneys at Lasiter & Jackson in Phoenix help clients with questions and problems on either side of a child support issue, and can guide you toward an efficient resolution of your problem.

We are experienced with mediation and litigation and will explore all options to help you find the best resolution when it comes to child support.

What To Know About Child Support Guidelines

Child support plays a big role in each parent’s life. The noncustodial parent generally pays the parent with primary physical custody a monthly amount which is more or less fixed by the Arizona Child Support Guidelines.

Disagreements About Support Payments?

In some cases, however, it is difficult to use the guidelines formula to come up with the monthly support amount. Disagreements about child support typically arise in such situations involving:

  • self-employed, seasonally employed or unemployed parent
  • A child with special needs or disabilities
  • Incomplete or unreliable income data for a parent
  • Adjustment for visitation of the other parent
  • Incomplete or unreliable data regarding day care expenses, medical insurance, etc.
  • Payment of medical/dental expenses of the child that are not covered by insurance
  • Minor child income tax deductions
  • Education expenses for postsecondary education

For situations like these, our lawyers combine our thorough knowledge of Arizona child support law with advanced skill in both negotiations and court hearings to present your case persuasively in a child support dispute.

In addition to representing your position effectively, we also take the time to make sure you understand just how child support calculations work and what we can and cannot do to adjust the guideline amount.

Discuss Your Concerns With Us

We will help with all of your child support needs, including the establishment, modification or enforcement of child support orders. Learn more about how we can help you by calling our firm at 602-234-5900 or sending us an email to schedule a consultation.


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