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What Does Divorce Have to Do With My Credit?

Divorce and credit issues are not necessarily two things that people typically put together, but taking appropriate action to protect your credit during a divorce could save you untold amounts of trouble down the line. There are many different ways that your spouse can negatively impact your credit during and even after your divorce.

At Lasiter & Jackson, in Phoenix, we represent Arizona clients in all areas of family law. We have seen firsthand the damage that can be done to a person’s credit when the spouse goes on a spending spree with a joint account or fails to repay a debt. We provide the legal representation necessary to protect your interests in these matters.

Constantly Working to Protect Your Interests

In some cases, protecting your credit means enforcing the divorce agreement. If your spouse was ordered to repay a debt as part of the divorce agreement, and he or she fails to do so, creditors can often seek payment from you as a co-signer on the account. We work diligently to see that divorce orders are fulfilled in a timely fashion so that you are not held accountable for a debt that is not yours to pay.

Effective Credit Protection Strategies

There are a number of other strategies that you can use in your efforts to protect your credit, such as closing joint credit accounts and working with your spouse to pay off marital debts prior to the divorce being finalized. Our attorneys can advise you on these and other potential strategies that can help to put you in a better financial position as you transition back to life as a single person.

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