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Business valuation is rarely straightforward when anticipating a divorce. Should you and your spouse each hire your own accountants — or hire the same one and agree to split the costs?

Our Family Law Attorneys Understand Business Valuation

Discuss your circumstances and concerns with an experienced family law attorney who can help you determine the most reasonable plan of action for your Phoenix business valuation. Attorney Stephanie Jackson and attorney Nicole Lasiter at Lasiter & Jackson have ample experience guiding clients through Arizona fair market valuations. Attorney counsel can save time and money as your lawyers share with you what is most important in preparation for dividing the business as part of your divorce.

Will you continue to share ownership but divide areas of responsibility to allow separate areas of activity? Will one spouse buy out the other’s interest in the business? Will you sell the business and split the proceeds, in order to start out your lives post-divorce unfettered by old business?

If You’re a Business Owner Contemplating Divorce, Contact Us

Arriving at an accurate and fair business valuation is a key component in dividing assets and debts of a business at the time of a divorce. Lasiter & Jackson is committed to obtaining positive results for each of our clients.

Contact our law office in Phoenix to discuss your divorce or family law issues. We serve clients throughout Pinal County and Maricopa County. Small business owners look to our guidance and advice as they seek to preserve assets, limit taxation penalties and preserve their livelihoods through the challenges of property division in Arizona divorce.


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