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Just as Arizona probate law provides a default set of rules for inheriting property in the absence of a Last Will and Testament, Arizona divorce law can be seen as a set of rules for dividing property between divorcing spouses if they have not made other arrangements themselves.

Getting Married? Have You Considered a Prenuptial Agreement?

Contact a lawyer at Lasiter & Jackson for advice about your options for creating and enforcing your own arrangements through a prenuptial agreement. Our Phoenix family law attorneys are able to negotiate, draft, review, enforce or challenge the terms of an agreement you and your spouse either reached or are negotiating. We can also review a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement and advise you of its enforceability.

A prenuptial agreement cannot predetermine the obligations of either party to pay child support or provide for child custody orders. Most other decisions that would need to be made in a divorce or breakup can be enforced. You can outline each party’s interest in assets, assign debt allocation and define pre-relationship property so that no confusion as to ownership arises. You may also specify alimony rights or waive those rights in a prenuptial agreement.

Postnuptial Agreements

Our law firm is also able to advise clients about postnuptial agreements, which are executed after marriage but operate in a similar manner to a prenuptial agreement. People interested in forming business partnerships or investing in corporations often find that a premarital or postmarital agreement is useful or even required as a condition of joining the business.

Domestic Partnership Agreements

Same-sex partners or people who prefer to live together and not marry stand to benefit significantly from a domestic partnership agreement. We help clients avoid complex and expensive litigation in civil court by drafting effective domestic partnership agreements.

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