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Appeals and Post-Judgment Relief

Arizona family law attorneys at the law offices of Lasiter & Jackson are available to handle appeals of divorce and child custody court orders. We handle appeals and post-judgment relief on behalf of our clients as well as clients of other divorce and family law attorneys.

When Can a Judgment Be Overturned?

A court verdict may be overturned under certain circumstances, such as the following:

  • Your husband or wife had hidden assets that were not disclosed in the divorce.
  • You believe that you received inadequate legal counsel from your divorce or family law attorney, resulting in a negative outcome in your family law case.
  • Allegations of child endangerment when your child was in the custody of your estranged spouse or ex-spouse make you believe that your child custody order should be revised to require supervision during parenting time by that parent.

In some family law cases, a court order can and should be overturned through an appeal or another form of post-judgment relief such as a petition for modification. Your concerns may be resolvable through legal actions to enforce court orders or undertake aggressive collections if your ex-spouse has reneged on obligations such as spousal maintenance or an agreement to sell the marital home or divide a jointly owned business.

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At Lasiter & Jackson, we have demonstrated the research and writing skills necessary to achieve results in appeals in divorce and family law cases. Our family law appellate lawyers are committed to obtaining positive results for each of our clients whenever possible.

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