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If you need advice about resolving an abusive situation at home, defending yourself against domestic violence accusations or getting a court order to stabilize an emergency situation, contact a family law attorney at Lasiter & Jackson in Phoenix. Our law firm helps people meet the challenges of a potential crisis at home and find lasting solutions.

Restraining Order Cases Are Common, and Can Be Complex

We estimate that approximately half of the family law cases that we see have restraining orders in place against a spouse, either at the time of the divorce filing or during litigation. Sometimes, Orders of Protection are necessary to protect a party or a family against domestic violence. Other times, a party will obtain an Order of Protection to gain leverage during a divorce. No matter what situation you face, our Phoenix, Arizona, domestic violence lawyers can help.

Representing Either Side in Disputes About Orders of Protection

Is the other party using a protective order to increase his or her chances of a favorable child custody, property division or other divorce order? If you have an Order of Protection in place against you, our law firm will work toward getting it quashed or modified. We achieve this goal by investigating and presenting your side of the story in court.

If you have serious concerns about the safety of your children or yourself, our domestic abuse lawyers can help make sure that the protection you need remains in place for as long as necessary. Our experience with the Maricopa County family courts enables us to provide reliable advice and swift intervention in emergency situations of all kinds, including helping clients secure Orders of Protection and emergency/temporary orders.

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To learn more about our ability to represent you effectively in domestic violence or emergency situations, contact a lawyer at Lasiter & Jackson in Phoenix.

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