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The emotional stress of a broken marriage often makes it difficult to protect personal interests in divorce. All too often people assume either the best or worst of their spouses, or they refuse to properly disclose information to avoid the hurt and complication of working out the details of the break up. These mistakes, however, can cost more in the long run — both financially and emotionally.

With Seasoned Guidance, You Can Avoid These Errors

At Lasiter & Jackson, our attorneys provide the honest and compassionate representation clients need when handling the delicate issues of property divisionchild custody and parenting time (visitation), support, and other family law concerns. We seek to help clients avoid the top 10 mistakes people make in divorce:

  1. Rushing the process — Without taking the proper time to analyze the issues, you could give up assets or parental rights unnecessarily.
  2. Giving incomplete information — Without full and fair disclosure to the courts or your spouse, you could waive certain rights or protections.
  3. Improperly valuing assets — It is important for both parties to understand the full value of all marital assets to ensure equitable property division.
  4. Failing to secure fair support — Sometimes spouses offer arbitrary numbers to minimize their own liabilities. Understand what you are entitled to before agreeing to any proposed settlement.
  5. Developing a non-comprehensive parenting plan — A skilled lawyer or mediator can help you work out general or specific parenting plans that cover day-to-day custody situations as well as special occasions such as holidays and vacation time.
  6. Going straight to court — In many cases, equitable divorce settlements can be reached through amicable negotiation or mediation, saving you the time, expense and stress of litigation.
  7. Involving children in custody disputes — Unfortunately, some parents attempt to manipulate children in order to achieve sole custody. Parental alienation not only discredits a spouse’s integrity but also negatively impacts the emotional health and stability of the children.
  8. Hiding assets — Attempting to hide assets from the court could result in additional negative penalties, including, but not limited to, sanctions such as attorney and court costs.
  9. Ignoring your attorney’s advice — Your attorney understands what you can and cannot accomplish legally and looks to protect your interests.
  10. Not telling your attorney everything — Family law attorneys understand that divorce can be a difficult process. Without all the information, they cannot help you fully protect your rights and pursue your goals.

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