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While in the midst of a divorce, it can be difficult to see beyond the issues at hand. However, there is life after divorce and an experienced family lawyer will help you anticipate future issues and lay the groundwork for building a brighter future.

Starting Your New Life on the Right Foot

At the law firm of Lasiter & Jackson, we seek to give clients the information they need to make informed decisions throughout the divorce process and beyond. We focus our representation on using our knowledge and experience to find practical solutions to the issues of property division, child custody and parenting time, spousal maintenance (alimony) and child support, among other family law concerns. Taking a proactive approach, we help clients take the proper steps to protect their interests and move on with their lives.

Understanding Your Obligations

The obligations that you will sustain following your divorce are unique to your situation. You will likely acquire a portion of your marital debt. You may need to budget for support obligations such as spousal maintenance and/or child support. You may need to refinance certain assets such as your home to ensure that you are the sole property owner. You should also consider updating your will or trust and other estate documents.

Moving Forward

For many, the aftermath of a divorce involves a rediscovery of what matters most to them. Our firm seeks to not only help you navigate the divorce process but to ensure you have the tools you need to rebuild once the divorce is complete. We are always available to handle future issues that arise that may require a modification or enforcement of existing court orders. Should you ever re-marry, we can help you draft a prenuptial agreement to protect your assets for yourself or for any children from your previous marriage.

Protecting Your Interest Both Now and in the Future

At Lasiter & Jackson, we are committed to obtaining practical solutions that will protect your interests both now and in the future. We can help you consider your options for resolving your differences through negotiated settlement or mediation, though we are always prepared to aggressively represent you in court if necessary. As a part of our commitment to achieving positive results for each client, we offer qualified case assessments at reasonable cost.

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