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The decision to dissolve a marriage is not one to be taken lightly. For most people, it is a very serious, life-changing event. If your marriage is faltering and you see divorce looming as a real possibility, you may wonder how you should prepare. Lasiter & Jackson welcomes your inquiry at our family law offices in Maricopa County. Plan for divorce with the confidence that you will be ready to make the best decisions for yourself, your children and your future.

Our experience and knowledge in the area of family law is an asset to many of our clients who come to our offices in Phoenix, Arizona.

Are You Considering a Divorce?

Attorney Stephanie Jackson and attorney Nicole Lasiter can offer valuable guidance as you prepare for a very challenging life transition. Learn how you can protect your assets and plan for the least traumatic transition possible.

Our Attorneys Can Help Identify Important Issues

Contact us to schedule a consultation regarding legal, financial and child-related issues pertaining to your marriage and your pending separation and/or divorce, such as:

  • Evaluating enforceability of existing prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, and the impact they are likely to have on the outcome of your divorce
  • Property division in high-asset marriages: Uncovering hidden assets that your spouse may be concealing through creative bookkeeping or investments abroad
  • Documentation and classification of ” mixed-character” assets
  • Dividing a business during a divorce: how to go about business valuation or appraisal
  • Retirement assets: how to gather all needed documentation of you and your spouse’s pensions, 401(k) accounts and other expected retirement benefits
  • Documentation of “community waste” by your spouse, if you believe he or she is squandering marital assets
  • Emergency and temporary orders: how to obtain temporary custody and financial orders
  • Child custody and child support in the best interests of the child: how to document your involvement with your children as you seek child custody or visitation plan
  • Issues involving grandparents or other non-parents who have nurturing bonds with your children
  • Documenting self-employment income
  • Gathering evidence of any child endangerment that you suspect has occurred or may occur when your children are away from your custody
  • Preventing the possibility of interstate or international child kidnapping
  • Protecting yourself from the possibility of repeated or future threats of domestic violence through orders of protection (restraining orders)
  • Grappling with bankruptcy or foreclosure along with divorce
  • Estate planning, including wills and trusts: planning for changes you may want to make in these important documents

You may not be ready for divorce yet. However, you may realize, wisely, that planning ahead now, before marital discord leads to greater challenges, is worthwhile. Hiring a lawyer to advise you in these matters before the crisis time of divorce arrives. Through legal consultations, you can plan thoughtfully and act decisively in your own best interests and in your children’s best interests.

Contact Our Divorce Attorneys Today to Discuss Your Situation

At Lasiter & Jackson, we provide understanding and compassion for the delicate issues associated with divorce and family law. We can answer questions such as how to time your separation or how to maintain and document parental involvement with your children during your separation. We are committed to obtaining positive results for each of our clients, and we strive to provide qualified case assessment at a reasonable cost.

Contact our law office in Phoenix to discuss likely divorce concerns well before a divorce occurs. We serve many clients throughout Pinal County and Maricopa County. Plan for divorce with the knowledge that you need to proceed wisely and confidently.


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