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At Lasiter & Jackson, we understand the fears you may have regarding divorce. Our attorneys have more than 36 years of experience handling divorce and family law matters in Phoenix and Maricopa County and throughout Arizona.

Your questions about divorce and other family law related issues need tailored answers. Your situation is unique to you, but understanding basic issues related to your family law case can help you know what to expect in your case.

Below is a list of issues you should become familiar with:

  • How long will my divorce take? It depends on the complexity of the case. The process will take longer if the court is involved.
  • Am I responsible for my partner’s debt? It depends on if it classified as community property. Assets and debts incurred during the marriage are considered community property and is shared between spouses, also meaning that it will be divided between spouses upon divorce.
  • How is parenting time determined? Parents can reach an agreement on their own regarding how major decisions involving their children are made and how often children will spend time with each parent. If parents cannot reach an agreement, a judge will determine parenting time after considering several factors.
  • What is community property? As a community property state, spouses share ownership of property acquired or purchased during marriage, even if the property is only under one spouse’s name or if only one spouse paid for the property.
  • Can I deduct my spousal support/alimony payments? You may be able to deduct your payments in your tax returns.
  • Can I modify my parenting time arrangement? Yes. Certain factors will be considered when requesting a modification before any changes are approved to your parenting time arrangement.

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Every case is unique. Our lawyers will review the specific factors in your case to determine what steps to take to find a resolution. We know how difficult the family law system is, and we are committed to providing personalized, one-on-one advice to help you move forward.

These are just some common questions we can answer in your case. Learn more about how we can assist with your family law issue by contacting us online or calling us at 602-234-5900.


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