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Complex Divorce

If your divorce has the potential to present high levels of complexity or conflict, the Phoenix complex divorce attorneys of Lasiter & Jackson are up to the challenge.

Handling Complex or High-Conflict Divorces

Complexity and conflict can come in many forms. The size or character of the marital estate might require expert analysis for an accurate valuation and effective division of property. A community business or self-employed spouse may require in-depth asset and value research. Chemical dependency problems or serious domestic violence may complicate child custody and parenting time options. Foreclosure of a mortgage and bankruptcy during the divorce can overshadow all other issues until it is resolved.

No matter what obstacles your divorce might present, our lawyers are able to help you work through them and find resolutions. Contact our law office to speak with an experienced complex divorce lawyer in Phoenix, Arizona.

More Than 36 Years of Combined Experience With Complex Divorce Issues

With more than 36 years of combined experience, our divorce attorneys have achieved excellent results for clients in complex divorce cases involving circumstances such as the following:

  • High-asset marital estates with one or both spouses earning high incomes
  • Family business valuation problems
  • Self-employed spouses and determining accurate income
  • Questions as to the disclosure or transfer of marital assets/uncovering hidden assets
  • Divorce involving a spouse with mental illness or severe emotional problems
  • Domestic violence and orders of protection
  • Special–needs children
  • Restrictions on child custody or parenting time/access due to drug or alcohol abuse

Resolving Complex Divorce Cases Outside of the Courtroom

High complexity or conflict does not necessarily mean your case will be resolved in the courtroom. In many cases, our firm has undertaken successful negotiations and divorce mediation — even in situations where our client did not believe that a favorable settlement was possible.

To find out how our approach can work for you, contact a lawyer at Lasiter & Jackson in Phoenix.


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