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When your divorce or child custody order was finalized, you may have believed that the issues contained in the court order were resolved. However, now your ex-spouse has violated those orders, and does not respond when you ask for compliance.

Your Court Order May Include Very Specific Requirements

The family court order may have outlined directions for you and your spouse or your child’s other parent, such as the following:

  • To sell the marital home and distribute proceeds
  • To relinquish control of a vehicle to you
  • To pay spousal maintenance according to a particular schedule
  • To pay child support
  • To follow a parenting plan assigning child custody and visitation rights to the two of you on particular days
  • To complete financial transactions of related to business ownership, stocks and bonds, tax returns, insurance payments or debts
  • To turn over a pet, horse or other animal to you — or to assume responsibilities for caring for an animal, boat or vacation home

Take Action to Protect Yourself and Your Children

Whatever the issues that your ex-wife, ex-husband, former domestic partner or other parent of your children has not complied with, you can seek legal remedies if she or he violated a court order. Sometimes, the threat of legal action communicated in forceful terms by an attorney on your side will solve the problem. If not, you may need to return to court to force compliance.

Violation of Court Orders? Our Lawyers Can Advise and Assist.

At the Phoenix family law firm Lasiter & Jackson, we provide understanding and compassionate counsel and representation regarding problematic issues associated with divorce and family law. We are committed to obtaining favorable outcomes for each of our clients if possible. We are ready to provide a qualified case assessment of your legal matter at a reasonable cost.

Did the other parent violate an Arizona visitation order? Strong representation may be the key to resolving the dispute. Contact our law office in Phoenix to discuss your ex’s violation of a child custody order, and how to enforce such orders.


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