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Arizona law does not require divorcing spouses to predict the future with total certainty as they negotiate agreements on child support, child custody or spousal maintenance. If a substantial change of circumstances requires changes to the terms of a child support, child custody or spousal maintenance order, a petition for modification may be appropriate.

Enforcement through the courts is always an option if your ex-spouse has defaulted on their spousal maintenance (alimony) payments, child support obligations or compliance with other court orders. This includes failure to turn over assets, failure to pay debts as ordered, failure to sell an asset, etc.

Evaluating Your Options

At Lasiter & Jackson in Phoenix, our attorneys have substantial experience with both the modification and enforcement of ongoing family law issues. We will give you a fair assessment as to the likelihood that your case will succeed. We also advise clients on either side of enforcement issues.

Interested in making the process easier? Mediation may be right for you. Our lawyers will walk you through the mediation process to find a resolution and prepare final child support documents in your case.

In any situation where our client needs to choose whether or not to take an issue to court, our law firm gives you the information you need to make a sound decision. Our attorneys not only advise you about your rights and responsibilities in light of the facts of your case, we also provide an estimate of the expense, time and risk involved for each of your options.

Our law firm takes the same approach to client service with respect to spousal maintenance, known also as alimony or child support enforcement cases.

Defaulted On Payments? Let Us Help.

People who have unreasonably defaulted on their court-ordered obligations run the risk of wage garnishment, bank account garnishment, property liens, asset seizure and even incarceration. If you need advice about the best way to avoid or reduce child support or spousal support arrearages, we can help you find a constructive solution.

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Child support obligations can change depending on your circumstances. Our attorneys will evaluate all of your options and guide you through the process. Call 602-234-5900 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.


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