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Educational Expenses

In today’s competitive environment, the need for a college degree or some post-secondary certification is becoming increasingly important for young people to be considered for nearly any job. The question often arises about divorced parents’ obligation to pay for their children’s education beyond high school.

Is a Parent Responsible for His or Her Child’s College Education?

Under Arizona law, parents have no obligation to pay for any post-secondary educational expenses. In addition, parents are not required to pay for schooling while the child is a minor unless it is deemed reasonable and necessary for the child to attend a special school or upon agreement and subsequent court order. If such a determination is made, the parents can either agree to a specific level of support or the court can order the support at its discretion.

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If paying for your child’s college education is a concern, we can attempt to negotiate support for tuition as part of the divorce settlement agreement. While there is no legal requirement compelling your spouse to do so, we have successfully represented other clients wishing to negotiate these types of provisions.

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