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Any custody arrangement approved by the court is concerned with the child’s best interests above all else. If there is any reason for concern over the child’s safety, the court will err on the side of caution majority of times. One of the more that can cause the court to limit custody and parenting time is criminal activity.

Protecting Your Interests and the Interests of Your Children

Whether you are the parent whose rights are being impacted or you are the parent seeking to ensure the child’s safety, having strong legal representation on your side from the start is essential. At Lasiter & Jackson, in Phoenix, we represent clients on all sides of these cases. We work diligently to protect your child’s best interests without sacrificing the rights that parents are entitled to under the law.

Dedicated Representation for Arizona Child Endangerment Cases

No matter which side of the case you are on, our lawyers are prepared to help you. We have successfully represented parents accused of being unfit due to a criminal background as well as those wishing to limit a parent’s unsupervised access to the child. In either case, we pursue every available option in an effort to reach the best result for our clients.

We understand what is at stake for everyone involved in these cases. As your attorneys, you can rely on us to build the strongest possible case to support your position. Our extensive experience with child endangerment cases allows us to provide the kind of representation you need to reach your goals and protect the interests of your children.

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We provide hands-on, results-oriented representation to every client we serve. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help with your child endangerment case.

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