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When a parent is a known drug or alcohol abuser, or has a criminal history involving drug offenses, it can give the court cause to limit access to his or her children. Even if supervised visitation is approved, the alleged abuser can be required to pay for ongoing services to ensure that he or she is fit to care for the child, including custody evaluations, random drug and alcohol testing and others.

Diligently Seeking the Best Outcome in Child Endangerment Cases

The concerns and rights of parents on both sides of these cases are of equal importance. Regardless of what your position is in the matter, it is critical that you have a Phoenix lawyer with experience handling complex custody cases representing you. At Lasiter & Jackson, we have helped numerous clients involved in complex custody disputes

Protecting Children’s Interests, Fighting for Parents’ Rights

While the goal of any child custody arrangement is focused on the child’s best interests, the rights of the parents cannot be ignored. When you hire our firm, we take the time to fully understand your concerns and what your expectations are with regard to the outcome. We fully explain the legal issues surrounding your case and help you understand your legal options.

We have extensive experience with cases involving child endangerment issues, and we are committed to resolving matters in the most beneficial way for you. Our understanding of the factors considered by the court in these matters allow us to be much more proactive in the process of building the strongest possible case on your behalf.

Speak to an Arizona Drug Abuse Attorney About Your Custody Concerns

Any evidence that a parent is addicted to drugs or alcohol can create serious fitness issues in the eyes of the court. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help protect your rights as a parent as well as your child’s best interests.

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