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Supervised Visitation

There may be times when concerns for a child’s well-being cause the court to order supervised visitation. These arrangements can be initiated for any number of reasons such as a history of drug abuse or domestic violence on the part of the supervised parent. These cases can involve complex legal issues, and it is important to have representation from an experienced Phoenix child custody lawyer.

Working to Ensure the Safety of Your Children

At Lasiter & Jackson, we represent clients on all sides of these cases. We understand the importance of ensuring a child’s safety, and we make that our primary focus in every case. At the same time, we fully respect each parent’s right to have a meaningful relationship with his or her children, and we work diligently to find solutions that provide the space for that relationship to grow.

Strong Advocates on Your Side

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of supervised visitation cases. If you are the parent seeking to have supervision ordered, we can help you through the process and argue your case in court. If you are the parent who is facing the prospect of supervision, we will work to refute your spouse’s claims. In addition, we can help you seek the termination of supervision by showing that you no longer pose a threat to the child.

These can be very emotional and painful proceedings, and there is a lot at stake for everyone involved. When you hire our firm, we will do everything in our power to help you through the process in the most stress-free manner possible. We work tirelessly to resolve each case in a way that most benefits our client.

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