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Few situations are more stressful for parents in divorce than deciding child custody and parenting time (visitation) as well as the allocation of child support. These issues are especially complicated in regard to children with special educational or medical needs.

Divorce, Custody and Your Special Needs Child

Arizona family laws recognize the unique circumstances children with special needs bring to a family situation. As such, the court often includes the extraordinary expenses a child with special needs requires within child support obligations. However, parents must be able to demonstrate that their child has a special need and that the need requires additional monthly support.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling complex custody situations such as divorce involving children with special needs. We seek to help clients obtain workable solutions that maintain the stability of continued special education and medical concerns for children with special needs during and following divorce.

As with any divorce involving children, decisions regarding custody and parenting time are resolved according to what the court finds to be in the best interests of the children involved. Therefore, any issue of custody and parenting or child support should not be seen as a contest between parents, but as a disagreement as to what is best for the children.

We’ll Help You Protect Your Child’s Best Interests

Attempting amicable resolutions such as negotiation or mediation can work to reduce the stress and confusion children, especially special needs children, have during divorce. Our lawyers work to help parents find proactive solutions to their disagreements over how to best share the responsibilities of raising a special needs child following divorce. However, we are always prepared to represent our clients in litigation regarding custody, parenting time or support issues.

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At Lasiter & Jackson, we focus on providing the knowledgeable and compassionate representation clients need when handling the delicate issues of child custody, parenting time and child support and other family law matters. We are committed to helping our clients and their children obtain favorable results whenever possible. We take time to listen to your goals and provide qualified case assessments at a reasonable cost.

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