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Family law courts put the highest priority on “the child’s best interest” in child custody cases. A law passed in July of 2010 articulates the state’s preference of joint custody in absence of parental fitness issues. In particular, the law assumes that it will be in a child’s best interests “to have substantial, frequent, meaningful and continuing parenting time with both parents” and “to have both parents participate in decision-making about the child.”

Understanding Shared Custody

It is still true, as it was before this law was passed, that shared custody by divorced or separated parents may take several forms:

  • Custody by one parent and visitation by the other
  • Joint legal custody, whereby the parents share decision-making rights and responsibilities regarding the child’s medical care, education, religious upbringing and so on.
  • Joint physical custody, whereby the child’s location is split between the two parents’ homes. This normally means that the child has equal contact with both parents.
  • Note: Joint legal custody may be in place in a custody/visitation arrangement or in a joint physical custody situation.

We’ll Help You Craft an Agreement That Suits Your Unique Needs

An experienced and understanding family law attorney can help you determine what type of child custody arrangement will work best in your family. Deciding factors in finding a workable shared custody arrangement may include location of the parents, distance and travel time between their homes and work schedules. Other important issues may include location of grandparents or other extended family, the child’s normal school and neighborhood environment, hardships or special needs of any member of the family.

Creative Solutions Are Possible

Historically, some parents have tried to implement creative shared custody arrangements whereby the children stay in one home and the two parents take turns living there with the children. Naturally, this unusual arrangement is the exception and not the rule. But the idea shows that parents can think outside the box in search of a solution that will work best for every member of a divorced or separated parents scenario.

Child custody laws are complex, and family situations are also often complicated. Contact an experienced, knowledgeable family law attorney to schedule a thorough discussion of your children’s best interests in light of your separation or divorce.

Consult Our Attorneys About Joint Custody

At Lasiter & Jackson, we provide understanding and compassion for the delicate issues associated with child custody. We are committed to obtaining workable results for each of our clients. We pledge to provide a qualified case assessment at a reasonable cost.

Contact our law office in Phoenix, Arizona. Shared custody? Attorney Stephanie Jackson or lawyer Nicole Lasiter can help you pursue the solution that is best for you and your children. We serve clients throughout Pinal County and Maricopa County. Shared custody is an ideal that many separated parents are able to achieve through joint legal custody, joint physical custody or custody and visitation aided by cooperation and communication


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