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The many societal changes in our country are being reflected in our laws. From legalizing same-sex marriage to legalizing marijuana, each state is now being forced to look at its own legislation and how it may or may not be amended. Currently, Arizona has legalized the use of medical marijuana. Qualified patients under the newly passed Proposition 203, may in some instances legally use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Medical Marijuana Use and Child Custody

While a parent may meet requisite standards under this legislation and even hold a card permitting the use of medical marijuana, some family court judges still hold this against the parent in a child custody case. If your child custody situation involves medical marijuana use, prescribed drug use or even illegal drug case, it is imperative that you seek a family law attorney experienced in these matters.

Experienced Representation in Custody Disputes

Whether you are seeking to uphold your child custody rights or are the parent who believes your child is endangered due to the other parent’s use of drugs (whether illegal or legal), reach out to Lasiter & Jackson. We are highly experienced with negotiating and litigating these cases. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with a Phoenix custody lawyer for positive drug tests and other related circumstances.

Defending Parents Accused of Drug or Alcohol Abuse

We believe that every parent deserves to have his or her rights fought for, no matter the circumstances. Regardless of whether you have a valid card to use medical marijuana, prescription drugs such as Oxycontin or Percocet, or are accused of abusing alcohol or illicit drugs, we will evaluate your situation and provide you with the skilled legal representation. We do not want you to lose custody rights, supervised visitation time or have to be subjected to random drug tests.

Protecting Parents and Endangered Children

Our law firm is also committed to protecting parents and their children who are in harm’s way due to the drug or alcohol use of the other parent. If an emergency order of protection needs to be petitioned for, we act swiftly so that we can immediately protect your child and then take any necessary child custody action going forward.

Talk to a Child Custody Attorney

Just one positive marijuana result can forever impact your child custody and visitation rights. Take action and protect your rights by seeking out one of our dedicated Arizona child custody lawyers. Contact our Phoenix law firm today.


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