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Child custody disputes can be emotionally contentious in even the best of circumstances. When these disputes involve allegations or concerns that one parent is chemically dependent or is abusing alcohol, things can get complicated quickly. If you have been accused of engaging in excessive drinking or drug use, or if you are concerned that your child is in danger due to the other parent’s chemical dependency issues, it is important to get experienced legal counsel on your side to ensure that your rights as a parent remain protected.

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Evidence Of Alcoholism And Chemical Dependency Can Affect A Court’s Custody Decision

Arizona courts are authorized to take into account whether a parent’s abuse of alcohol or drugs is likely to have a negative impact on the relationship between the parent and child. In fact, courts begin with the presumption that if there is a history of alcohol or drug abuse that has occurred within the past 12 months, then it is not in the child’s best interest to grant that parent custody rights.

Working With Parents Who Are Facing Drug Or Alcohol Abuse Allegations

Just because the court begins with the presumption that a parent with a history of alcohol or drug abuse is unfit to be granted child custody does not mean that this presumption cannot be overcome. If you are facing allegations or problems regarding drug or alcohol abuse, steps can be taken to help defend against those allegations or otherwise help your custody case.

It may be that the stress of your custody battle has pushed you to engage in behavior that is not typical. If you were charged with drunk driving and have no previous convictions, it is possible to argue that this was merely a one-time event. If you have ongoing issues of drug or alcohol abuse, your custody case is not necessarily hopeless. Taking proactive steps such as voluntarily entering into a treatment program can show that you are serious about getting your life on track and are committed to ensuring the well-being of your children. There may also be other options to help your case depending on your situation, needs and goals. Our lawyers will thoroughly review your circumstances and help you choose the options that are legally and strategically optimal for you.

Helping Parents Who Are Concerned About Their Child’s Safety

While we understand that even the most well-meaning parents can make mistakes, sometimes it is simply not safe for a child to be around a parent who is struggling with alcohol or chemical dependency issues. If you are concerned that your child’s other parent is abusing alcohol or drugs, or is otherwise unfit to be around your child, we can help present your argument to the court for why you should be granted sole custody of your child.

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