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Nearly every family law attorney will tell you that one of the most satisfying experiences in the field of family law is facilitating an adoption. Lasiter & Jackson welcomes new clients in search of a law firm to guide them through adoption proceedings.

What Is Stepparent Adoption?

A stepparent adoption is often a formalized expression of growing bonds between a child and a new spouse of the child’s mother or father. In these situations, the other biological parent may be far away, uninvolved in the child’s life or deceased. The stepparent has taken on a parental role for a child and seeks to strengthen and solidify the relationship through adoption.

Why Choose to Adopt Your Stepchild?

Assuming that all adults in the story understand the choice they are making and believe that it is in the child’s best interests, a stepparent adoption can be wonderful for everyone in the family. A child may enjoy a greater sense of stability and support by being made the legal son or daughter of the new spouse. This can be especially important when additional children are born in the new marriage. Adoption of the stepchild can put him or her on equal footing with new babies born to the mother or father and the new spouse.

Whatever your family’s story is, we at Lasiter & Jackson want to congratulate you as you take steps to adopt a stepchild. Our lawyers are available to walk you through the steps and phases of the process, including terminating the other biological parent’s rights and deciding whether the child will adopt a new surname in the process of stepparent adoption.

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