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Child Endangerment And When To Contact A Family Lawyer

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Being in a family is a very beautiful thing. However, sometimes there are tricky situations in which families may need to separate or join forces while being physically apart in order to achieve the safest space possible for those young children that are a part of the family unit. With these separations, divorces, and joint custody issues, the last thing a person should worry about is the safety of their child when they are not able to be with them. Unfortunately, there are cases in which this is a necessity and looking for those signs of possible child endangerment is crucial to know when a family lawyer, like those at Lasiter Law in Peoria, needs to be contacted. Below are some examples of child endangerment and ways to ensure the child is safe at all times:

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Exposure To Any Drug Or Alcohol Abuse, Or Any Sort Of Criminal Activity

This may seem like a pretty obvious offense, but sometimes it may be hard to know for sure whether this offense is happening or not. If you know that your ex partner or spouse has had a history or any sort of drug or alcohol use; or perhaps you are suspicious of them being associated with some sort of criminal activity, be sure to contact a family lawyer right away.

Exposure To Dangers In The Home

These kinds of things could include: leaving a child home alone without an adult present, failure to keep smoke alarms up to date and with batteries, or even keeping the home consistently locked up so the child can not leave, or intruders cannot enter unannounced. Although these things can happen by accident occasionally, these types of events are never safe for children and if you know that these things are occurring, please contact a family lawyer immediately. 

Lack Of Safety When Transporting Children

Vehicular injuries are some of the leading causes of death and permanent injuries to children, and a lot of the time it can be avoided by just putting on a seatbelt. More specifically, it is important for the children to be in the correct seat with the buckles fully protecting their little bodies. If you know that your ex, or partner, is not keeping the children safe in the car when they are driving or transporting them to you or anywhere else in town, call a lawyer immediately. 

When You Need Help From A Family Lawyer

Dealing with issues within your family can be difficult and it can also be very taxing on your children. While differences and opinions on how to care for your family may occur between you and your ex/partner, these differences should NEVER involve the questioning of any child’s safety and well-being. If you find out that any of these things are happening; or if you are already aware of these things, please do not hesitate to contact local officials and lawyers to ensure that your child is well protected and taken care of. Professionals like those at Lasiter Law, located in Peoria, are one such team that can assist you and allow for your family to stay safe and out of harm’s way.


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