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Phoenix Divorce Attorney – Co-Parenting Through A Divorce With Less Stress

divorce attorney phoenixParenting together isn’t always extremely easy when you are married and trying to co-parent during a divorce can be stressful and frustrating for both parents. Your kids are likely feeling the stress of the divorce and could be reacting or acting out as they are trying to make sense of what is happening. While it may be stressful and overwhelming, your kids are going to benefit the most from a healthy, stable co-parenting relationship between you and your spouse. Divorce attorneys in Phoenix have seen the struggle that parents have during the divorce process and we know that it is a rough road to walk down. But we want to help you navigate it.

Working together for your children’s sake may be challenging, but it is going to impact your entire family in a very positive way. The best thing that you can do for your family is to keep the lines of communication strong and healthy and make sure your children know that you and your spouse are always working together to make sure that they are taken care of.

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Divorce Attorney – Tips On Co-Parenting Through A Divorce In Phoenix

  • Remember that the children are still just as much the children of your spouse as they were before. Divorce does not separate children from their parents and it should never be treated that way. If anything, now is the time to help your kids foster their relationship with you and their other parent. Everything that your spouse was included in previously should still be on their radar and it is the responsibility of both parents to make sure that the other parent is aware of events like extracurricular activities, medical issues, school grades, and other important events in your children’s lives.
  • Try to let the less important matters go. Don’t let small details deter you from drama-free parenting. Things like late arrival times, late drop-offs or not sticking to a particular routine at the other parent’s house are not the big battles that you should be overly concerned with. Try to keep the stress levels down and be flexible.
  • Be respectful. That means don’t bad mouth your spouse in front of your kids. Your kids love both of their parents and do not want to pick sides. If you are frustrated with your spouse, your spouse’s family, and/or friends – talk to adults who can listen to you and help you. Your kids should not be involved in that conversation. When you are with your kids, ask about their time with the other parent, encourage them to share their experiences with you, and be enthusiastic with them. This will help keep the lines of communication open and your kids will feel much more stable and comfortable.
  • Do not alienate the other parent. No matter what is going on, encourage the relationship between your kids and your spouse. Do what you can to make sure that your spouse has time with your kids, try to implement 1-on-1 time if you have more than one child – this will help your kids stay connected to each parent and alleviate the pain and isolation that can stem from divorce.
  • Participate in joint activities. Not all divorcing couples can do this, but it has happened. If you and your spouse are open to it, try spending some time on holidays, birthdays, and school vacations together. You don’t have to spend the entire holiday together, but some time devoted to the family unit can impact your children in a great way.

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