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My Divorce Isn’t Dirty – Do We Still Need A Lawyer?

divorce lawyer phoenixBelieve it or not, divorces can end amicably and without a raging war. Separating couples have been known to agree on things like child custody, splitting assets, and paying child support or alimony. Though it’s not the most common type of divorce that people are used to hearing about – they do happen.

Divorce Attorney In Phoenix

If an amicable, clean-split divorce is something that you are familiar with. CONGRATULATIONS! Not everyone gets to experience that type of transition out of a marriage. This type of separation is the easiest on your entire family and can seriously help alleviate a lot of stress and burden while you are healing through the process.

But, even amicable divorces can require the help of a qualified divorce lawyer in Phoenix.

Why You Still Might Need To Hire A Divorce Lawyer In Phoenix

If you were in an automobile accident and were in 100% agreement with the other party about the details of the accident and who was at fault, you would still seek help from an attorney if you needed to. You understand that there are important elements that you are not familiar with because you aren’t familiar with the law and you want to be represented by someone that does.

Divorces should be handled the same way, whether amicable or not. It might seem easy and painless, but without a divorce lawyer, your divorce could quickly move into a difficult process that drags on and on.

Mistakes in documents, missing filing deadlines, or not being clear enough in your documents can result in long-term implications. In Phoenix, the divorce lawyers at Lasiter & Jackson can tell you that handling the paperwork, asset splits, deadlines, and financial issues in a divorce can be a headache if you aren’t familiar with each step and state laws. It can get even more challenging when you bring child support and custody into it.


You might, but it doesn’t matter. Divorces, no matter how agreeable, are a painful process. The end of a union is stressful and a lot can change between your verbal agreement and the filing of the documents. You or your spouse may change your mind about a portion of the divorce and that can throw the entire process into chaos. If the original agreement is in question, the opposite spouse is typically angry with the desired change. If these issues come up with an attorney, you have someone on your side who can support you and handle negotiations.

There are divorce circumstances that you really should not go into without an attorney:

  • You Have Minor Children – Do not make the mistake of DIY’ing a divorce if minor children are involved. Their best interests should be the highest priority during the divorce and their best interests could be complicated. Even if you decided on shared custody, a divorce attorney can handle the paperwork to make sure the specifics are written clearly enough to be followed and that your children are protected.
  • You or Your Spouse Own Real Estate or a Business – Shared assets like business and real estate are also complicated and should be handled by professional lawyers who have experience separating these assets.
  • One Party Wants or Needs Alimony – Alimony is another painful topic that comes up during a divorce and can cause major stress and anger during the divorce process. Again, verbal agreements between you and your spouse may not be the best situation and you should make sure you are protected.

Separate With The Help Of A Divorce Attorney In Phoenix

Even if you have an amicable divorce, separating from your spouse is never easy. Lasiter and Jackson in Phoenix can guide you through the divorce process by at least consulting, advising, and completing the documentation the right way so that no mistakes are made. Contact us today!


Why Should You Hire A Qualified Lawyer?

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