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Planning Holiday Custody Agreements

child custody lawyer phoenixPlanning holiday custody agreements is a great idea for divorcing couples. Without planning out a custody agreement, parents are at the mercy of the courts and court-ordered custody time for holidays. That means that parents will adhere to dropping off, picking up, and spending time that is allotted by the court – which may not be convenient for family plans, travel, and other holiday scheduling. Lasiter & Jackson has successfully helped couples plan holiday custody time that works for both parents and offers a win-win schedule that everybody can agree on.

Of course, not all couples are going to be able to agree on scheduled custody time for holidays, but if your spouse is open-minded and willing to talk about shared custody, dive into holiday custody plans and create something individualized that works for you.

Ideas For Holiday Custody Planning

Alternating Holidays – One of the most common options for custody involves alternating holidays. Each parent can be assigned holidays with one taking even years and the other odd years. This isn’t a bad option and extra details can be added to make the custody planning work better. This can include drop-off and pick-up times, extended time, etc.

Splitting Holidays In Half – Not as favorable, but some parents do prefer this type of schedule where each parent gets to spend time with the child/children on the day of the holiday.

Fixed Holidays – If so preferred, holidays can be set for each year with the same parent. One parent may prefer every Thanksgiving so that the children can see visiting family members each year and allow the other parent every Christmas.

Every Other Year – Some custody arrangements alternate years, which means the children will spend all holidays one year with one parent, and all holidays the next year with the opposite parent.

Extended Holiday Time – If you choose to include it, you can request having additional time with the children during a proposed holiday. The day before, day of, and the day after is a great way to expand custody time if both parents agree to it.

Don’t forget to include holidays that may be significant to your family like mothers day, fathers day, birthdays, school holidays, religious holidays, and parent birthdays. All can be included.

If you aren’t sure how to propose different holiday custody arrangements with your spouse, contact a custody lawyer in Phoenix that can help. Lasiter & Jackson is committed to helping parents reach fair and easy custody agreements that work well for all parties involved. When parents work together to create a custody plan, life falls into place for the children involved much easier. Take the time to consider your future and what the holidays will look like for you, your spouse, and your children. If it is possible for your situation, work with your spouse to create an agreement that works best for your family.


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