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You Can’t Stop A Divorce, But A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Navigate One

divorce lawyer phoenixThere are divorce cases that come up in Phoenix in which one party does not want to get a divorce. This party will seek legal help to try to stop a divorce – either one that has been suggested by a spouse or one that has been initiated. Unfortunately, there are no legal steps that can be taken to stop a divorce from happening. If one party wants to end the marriage, ultimately, it will end. A court will not rule in favor of the party that does not want a divorce. If your spouse does not to continue the relationship, he or she cannot be forced to stay in it.

Not wanting a divorce will not stop it from happening if that is what the other party wants, but there are steps you can take to help with the transition process – like getting an experienced divorce attorney to help you understand your rights and obligations. Divorces can get messy – especially when one or both parties are angry. An established divorce lawyer can help you work to reach a more favorable end result faster.

Lasiter and Jackson in Phoenix, Arizona has experience dealing with difficult and complicated divorce cases. We understand that a divorce isn’t the first choice for both parties and we want to help make the process as painless as possible. When you contact our office for services, we will guide you through different aspects of your divorce to reach the best outcome.

Child Custody And Support

Child custody and child support are so important during a divorce case. Without the right representation from legal support, you could end up paying more than you should in child support or losing out on custody time that you could have. A great attorney like Lasiter and Jackson will step in to identify what you want in your custody agreement and will work to help you reach the best resolution.


If you are entitled to receive alimony, or should not be required to pay it, you will reach the best outcome by working with a qualified divorce attorney.

Property and Debt

Property and debt are often split up fairly between the two parties of a divorce, but it isn’t always easy to reach an agreement that feels fair to both sides. Working with an attorney can help you reach an agreement outside of court so that the divorce can end as peacefully and quickly as possible.

Lasiter And Jackson – Divorce Lawyer In Phoenix, Arizona.

Whatever divorce situation you may be going through – Lasiter and Jackson in Phoenix is able to help. We want you to be prepared during your divorce case and understand what steps you are taking and why. We also want you to understand the best path to the best solution with any challenge that may come up during the divorce process. When you work with Lasiter and Jackson, you can rest easy knowing that we have your best interests in mind and will work to help you reach and fair and appropriate end.


Why Should You Hire A Qualified Lawyer?

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