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Social Media Do’s & Dont’s During A Divorce

divorce attorney phoenixDivorce is difficult enough without adding unnecessary stressors to it. When it comes to social media platforms, divorcing couples might turn to social media outlets to air their grievances and let off some steam. They may also seek support and guidance from online support groups or groups that can offer education or help. They might even decide to open themselves up to the dating world and join dating or singles groups on social media platforms like Facebook

What divorcing couples do not realize is that because social media is so popularly used, divorce attorneys are quick to use the information that they find on social media if it will leverage their clients’ cases. To avoid condemning yourself to the pitfalls of social media during a divorce case – follow these do’s and dont’s of using social media unless you plan to break free from it altogether. 

Social Media Do’s During A Divorce

Take A Break From Social Media – You can absolutely stop any chances of social media posts being used against you by NOT being active on social media at all. If you can, temporarily remove your profile. 

Change Your Passwords – Especially if your ex has an idea of what your password may be. Even if you don’t think that your ex knows your password, change it. This goes for your email, online bank accounts, etc. 

Manage Your Privacy Settings – Make sure you have the highest possible privacy settings. Block certain accounts if you feel it would be helpful. Make sure nothing is set publically. 

Focus On Positive Posting – If you are going to post on social media, keep it positive. 

Ask Friends & Family To Keep It Off Social Media – Remind your friends and family members that social media can be dangerous for you during a divorce and that you want to make sure you are staying mature and civil online. 

Pay Attention To Your Children’s Accounts And Behavior Online – You are responsible for your children. Monitor their accounts and keep an eye on what they are doing. If they are having a hard time with the divorce, they may post something that could have unintended consequences. Their social media posts can provide some information regarding their mental state, their planned activities, or their reactions to certain information.  

Remember That “Secret” And “Private” Groups Are Not 100% Secret And Private – Messages posted in secret and private groups can still be accessed. Remember that so that you don’t accidentally post something online that you will later regret. 

…And The Dont’s 

Refrain From Posting About Your Ex Or His Family – Even seemingly positive posts that might address your “concerns and care” for your ex or his family’s morally questionable issues like substance use, mental health, etc are to be avoided. 

Keep Your Dating Life To Yourself – If you have decided to move on romantically before your divorce is finalized, keep it offline. It is best to keep it to yourself altogether – especially if there are child custody and child support issues. Your dating life and lifestyle can affect the outcome of your case. Until your divorce is complete and finalized, don’t share the information with other people. 

Discussing Details Of Your Case Online Is A Definite Do Not – If you feel like you are not being treated fairly or that something is wrong with the way your case is being handled – talk to your attorney, not the social media world. Nobody on social media is going to be able to help you resolve any issues that arise. 

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Obviously, social media can cause serious troubles for either party during a divorce and child custody battle. To make sure you are not using social media in a damaging way for your case, contact the divorce lawyers at Lasiter & Jackson in Phoenix today. 


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