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4 Reasons To Hire A Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

prenuptial agreement phoenix, prenuptial agreement lawyer phoenixPrenuptial agreements are contracts created before two people are married that list and organize each person’s assets and debts and clearly state each individual’s property rights after the marriage. Many marriages that end in divorce will take a considerable amount of time to reach a settlement or completion because prenuptial agreements were not set before the marriage and property rights division is complicated during a divorce. 

Though not every marriage requires a prenuptial agreement if you are considering having one in place before your marriage, be sure to contact a professional prenuptial agreement lawyer in Phoenix to help you. Here’s why.

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers Know The Required Conditions

They have to meet the required conditions to be considered valid and can be thrown out of court if they don’t. An incorrectly drafted premarital agreement will ultimately be useless. With the help of an experienced prenuptial agreement attorney, you will have a valid and correctly formatted prenup that meets the courts and state requirements. You won’t have to worry about it not holding up in a court. 

Sign Only What You Understand

Legal jargon is long and difficult to understand. A qualified lawyer will explain each facet of the prenuptial agreement so that you know what you are signing and exactly what you are agreeing to. With a lawyer on your side, you won’t sign an unfair agreement that is confusing and intricate. 

As an additional benefit, if both parties involve their own lawyers, neither can claim later that they did not understand what they were agreeing to. 

Disclosure Of Assets

Not disclosing all of your assets, or undervaluing your assets, is considered fraudulent and can void a prenuptial agreement. There are rules that must be followed in order to maintain a valid prenuptial agreement that won’t be thrown out of court and will ultimately protect both you and your soon-to-be spouse. 

Fairness And Clarity – Your Lawyer Can Help You

One thing that you don’t want to do during the prenuptial agreement process is to let your emotions control your decision-making. If you were to get divorced in the future, you want to make sure the prenuptial agreement is fair. Your lawyer will help you understand what you are entitled to, what is fair for the other party, and what is fair for you. Keep emotions out of the process so that you are protected in the future. Remember, a prenuptial agreement is not a contract that is committed to divorce – it is peace of mind that your assets are protected in the case of a divorce. Don’t let the fear of divorce stop you from protecting your future from a potential circumstance. 

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