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Alternative Holiday Child-Custody Agreements In Phoenix

alternative child custody agreements phoenix, child custody lawyer phoenix, mediation lawyer phoenixChristmas time is a stressful time for divorced families. While Christmas is something that parents often look forward to and get excited about, many don’t get to see their children.

Child custody arrangements definitely reduce the amount of time that each parent gets with their children and also affects which holidays each parent is allowed to spend with the children. Child custody agreements are meant to keep conflicts at bay – but parents who are left alone during holidays can easily become resentful, jealous, and angry.

The typical child custody arrangements may not work for every separated and divorced couples, and that is just fine. As long as couples are able to set aside their personal problems, alternative Christmas and other holiday custody arrangements can benefit both parents and their children.

Alternative Holiday Child-Custody Agreements In Phoenix

You don’t always have to start alternative visitation schedules with an attorney. However, some family law lawyers can help mediate changes to child custody agreements or establishing new agreements. The lawyers at Lasiter & Jackson in Phoenix are always excited to help families establish great alternative arrangements for holiday visitation time and has experience mediating conflict between divorced and separated couples to help reach an agreement that is best for the children involved.

Tips For Proposing Alternative Arrangements To Your Child’s Other Parent

  • Don’t do it a week before the holiday! If you want to propose a new agreement, give you and the other parent enough time to wrap your minds around the arrangement and to work out any details or issues that may arise.
  • Keep your children’s best interests in mind! Think about your child having the opportunity to visit extended family on both sides – especially family that they don’t see very often.
  • Don’t start demanding what you want. The fastest way to turn off negotiating terms with the other parent is by trying to establish more control and dominance in the situation. Instead, approach the other parent calmly and cooperatively.
  • Let the other parent know that you are thinking of them. Remind them that an alternative schedule would give BOTH of you more opportunity to spend holiday time with the children.
  • If finding a new agreement isn’t going to work for your child’s other parent, consider different holiday options for you and your children. You can celebrate Christmas early or later when you have more time with them. Nothing is wrong with celebrating your holiday on a different day if it works for your family!
  • Remember that it’s not a competition. Your children just want to spend time with you and have a happy holiday. They don’t need to be spoiled with gifts or have either of their parents trying to cut down the other one.
  • Try to communicate openly and respectfully with your child’s other parent and agree on a budget for gifts. This can reduce animosity between parents and help build co-parenting skills for both parents. If the other parent involved refuses to communicate or stick to a budget, you can easily explain to your children how you feel about the appropriateness of Christmas gifts.

Christmas is supposed to be fun and exciting. But what it becomes is truly up to your attitude and focus. You can’t blame a crappy holiday on the other parent who didn’t agree or cooperate with what you want. Your situation is yours to deal with no matter how it turns out. You can approach any holiday custody situation with fun and excitement even if it doesn’t go the way you have pictured in your mind. Come up with alternative plans that will help you create fun, happy memories with your children.

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If you are looking for a mediator – contact the lawyers at Lasiter & Jackson who specialize in family law and mediation. We can help.


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