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COVID-19 And Child Custody Challenges

child custody attorney phoenix, child custody modification phoenix, child visitation lawyer phoenixThe Coronavirus pandemic has created a nightmare for the legal system in child custody and visitation cases. Parents who were already afraid of losing control of their family situation, giving up rights and time with their children, or being responsible for child support are facing a much more serious dilemma. Parents are afraid for the safety of their children and are struggling to rework their custody and visitation guidelines in a way that seems adequate in keeping their children safe.

When child custody or visitation agreement is complicated and parents start filing to modify an agreement, it is time to contact an experienced attorney in child custody and family law matters. In Phoenix, you can trust the professionals at Lasiter & Jackson to make sure your rights are safeguarded and that the best interests of the children are prioritized.

Coronavirus Complications In Phoenix Child Custody And Visitation

Both seasoned co-parents and newly separated or divorced parents are finding that it is difficult to maneuver child custody and visitation with the scare that the pandemic has invoked. Parents are not just struggling with keeping themselves safe and protected, but they are trying to protect their children from infection. Child custody and visitation raises a number of concerns.

Parents who are deemed “essential workers” and are face-to-face with the public daily are at an increased risk of infection. In these instances, the other parent has concerns regarding infection risks. Those parents who work in healthcare and are in direct contact with infected patients are struggling with the risk they put themselves in as well as their children.

Each family situation is unique with some parents traveling for work or working in daycares, schools, and senior health centers. Some parents are laid off of work and receiving unemployment while kids’ schools are closed down and homework is being done virtually. These situations have given parents a reason to re-look at their child custody agreement and consider modifying it to meet current needs.

Some other concerns that come up in child custody issues due to COVID1-19 are:

  • Reducing travel and potential exposure to the virus
  • Long distance visitation and traveling
  • Out of state holiday visitation and incoming family visits for the holidays
  • Supervised visitation and limitations on available social workers due to social distancing
  • Virtual school and homeschool

When Agreements Cannot Be Reached Outside Of A Court Room

More and more courtroom cases are showing up in child custody modification as the pandemic surges. Child custody fights involving a widespread virus pandemic have not happened and the legalities of the safety of the children and the best interests of the children are murky. While some judges consider COVID-19 a significant risk, others do not feel that COVID-19 is a reason to modify a custody order and to take children out of one parent’s home more often. When it comes to child custody, one thing is clear. Every parent’s rights should be protected and the best interests of the children should always come first.

In Phoenix, Arizona, the attorneys at Lasiter & Jackson work firmly in accordance with the law and understand that child custody issues are deeply impactful for every family. We work with our clients to understand each unique situation to determine the best course of action and to help you understand what your options are. Time and money are always going to be taken during custody and visitation cases. You can save both by scheduling a consultation with the highly qualified and experienced team at Lasiter & Jackson who strive to help your family unit work harmoniously together.

If you find yourself dealing with a legal issue regarding the custody and visitation of your children, contact our team today! We can help safeguard your rights and make sure that the best interests of your children are upheld.


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