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Family Law In Pheonix – 5 Ways You Can Make Your Divorce More Expensive

family law attorney phoenix, family law phoenix, divorce attorney phoenixHiring a divorce lawyer is supposed to help the divorce process go more smoothly, reach a fair outcome, and complete the process so both parties can get on with their lives. But divorce often turns into a battleground where both sides will fight to get what they want – regardless of how fair the end results are. In Phoenix, Arizona, the family law team at Lasiter & Jackson has years of experience handling divorce cases and we know the absolute best ways that divorcing couples can make their divorces way more expensive than necessary.

Family Law In Phoenix: 5 Ways You Can Make Your Divorce More Expensive

  1. “Attempt Negotiations” – So many clients believe that they are attempting negotiations with a spouse but they remain frigid and unwilling to compromise. This is not a negotiation. When someone goes into a negotiation knowing that they are not going to bend from exactly what they think the outcome should be, it’s a HUGE waste of money….and everyone’s time.
  2. Insist On Micro-Managing Your Ex’s Parenting Decisions – One of the easiest ways you can make your divorce cost more is to not cave when it comes to how you can control your ex’s parenting decisions and behaviors. This one will require child custody evaluators, therapists, and other professionals that need to be involved to determine what the appropriate outcome will be – and you will need to pay for them.
  3. Refuse Settlement Proposals Based On Other People’s Expectations – Your mom or sister may not agree with a settlement proposal that you are comfortable with. If you make this decision based on other peoples’ thoughts and beliefs, you are going to rack up a huge legal bill to appease the people who are not paying for it. If you are comfortable with a settlement agreement with your ex, take it!
  4. Refuse To Pay Spousal Support Even Though Your Ex Probably Deserves It – If your spouse was a stay-at-home parent while you went to college to get a high-paying career and missed out on an opportunity to improve their own education, you should pay alimony and your ex deserves it.
  5. Keep Fighting For What Is “Fair” – Is it really fair to only let your ex see your kids every other week, or are you in pain? Is it really fair to fight for sole custody because you don’t want to pay child support, or is it BETTER for your kids to be with that parent more often? What is “fair” is not as subjective as you might think it is. If your actions during your divorce are based on anger, resentment, jealousy, or fear, they are probably not fair. At this point, you should rely on a professional divorce attorney to help you understand what is fair and what isn’t, or you are going to drag out a long and expensive divorce process.


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