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Domestic Violence Charge: What Happens After?

domestic violence attorney phoenix, domestic violence lawyer phoenix, criminal defense lawyer phoenixDomestic violence is a serious offense. If you have been charged with domestic violence, contact Lasiter & Jackson, Attorneys At Law in Phoenix Arizona for legal advice.

Individuals who have been charged with a domestic violence crime may be arrested, charged, and possibly convicted. Individuals face jail time and may be ordered to compensate the victim for injuries and/or treatment needed due to injuries sustained. An accused individual may be affected in other ways if child custody is a factor in the case.

Domestic Violence Attorneys In Phoenix Can Help

What Happens After A Domestic Violence Charge?

After a person has been charged with domestic violence, he or she is typically subjected to a protective order. The protective order restricts the individual from coming in close contact with the home and the individuals living in the home. It is important to follow court-ordered protection orders because violations of these orders can result in new charges against the individual. The accused individual should never contact anyone in the home without consent from the court.

If an individual has been arrested on suspected domestic violence, an arraignment will occur. During the arraignment, the individual will issue a plea during a trial. Any individual who has been charged with domestic violence should consult with a criminal defense lawyer before entering into a plea. This a serious offense and it is best to request legal consultation from a lawyer that has experience with domestic violence cases and can advise the individual on the best steps to take.

After a plea has been entered, hiring a criminal defense lawyer will help the accused individual prepare for the next steps. To defend the individual’s rights and possible innocence, a legal representative will assess the facts associated with the individual accused and the defendant. Witnesses may be contacted as character witnesses on behalf of the accused and to build a defense against the defendant.

How You Can Help Your Domestic Violence Lawyer Defend You

An accused individual should always provide favorable information that may be used in negotiations. This might include:

  • The defendant’s history of violence
  • False allegations made by the defendant
  • Drug or alcohol addictions
  • Psychological illnesses
  • Other similar behaviors that could explain the events that happened in a different context.

In some cases, domestic violence charges occur due to false allegations made by the defendant. If an individual has concerns about false accusations, a domestic violence attorney should be made aware of these immediately. To ensure the best possible outcome, any information that has not been already shared with a defense team should be.

Once the case goes to a jury trial, all of the information that an individual has collected and shared with the domestic violence lawyer will be shared with the court. Both sides of the event that happened will be heard. Evidence such as photos of injuries, police reports, and scientific evidence can be used during the trial to prove that the event did or did not happen. Any witnesses to the event might be called in to testify as well as any law enforcement agents that investigated the case.

At any time, an individual accused of domestic violence may be offered a plea bargain. Plea bargains may not be the right course of action to take and your experienced domestic violence attorney can help you decide whether an offer should be accepted or not.

If child custody is a factor in the case, the accused individual may face more serious consequences. In some cases, The Department OF Child and Family Services may be involved, and the accused may be required to appear in family court.
If you require the help of an experienced domestic violence attorney, contact the attorneys at Lasiter & Jackson in Phoenix to help you.


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