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7 Things You Might Not Have Considered About Your Divorce

divorce attorney phoenix, divorce lawyer phoenix, divorce phoenixWhen you were a newlywed, you probably didn’t spend much time considering situations that might arise if a divorce were to happen. That early on, nobody expects to reach a point in their relationships where divorce is on the table – but it happens. In Phoenix, the professional attorneys at Lasiter And Jackson know that many people are surprised by what they find out during a divorce.

7 Things You Might Not Have Considered About Your Divorce

  1. People Change, Including Yourself – You or your partner may act in a way that you’ve never seen before. The heightened state of emotion and stress can cause rational, sensible people to do irrational things. Stay calm and let your attorney guide you for the best outcome.
  2. It Can Take Soooo Long – Finalizing a divorce can take a long time. Disputes regarding child custody, financial matters, and property division can make the divorce feel like it is a never-ending battle. Follow your lawyer’s advice. Accept mediation. Try to be fair. You will get through it.
  3. You Might Lose Friends – During a divorce, the friends that you had while you were married may end up picking and choosing. The divorce itself is hard enough and losing long-time friends on top of it can be a punch in the stomach. Try not to think about this right now. Focus on improvements you want to make in your life. Spend time taking care of yourself and making sure YOU are okay.
  4. You Might Be Replacing Household Items – Seriously….silverware, bath towels, coffee mugs. Things you never really thought about having to buy AGAIN will suddenly become necessities. Planning for a loss of physical property and household items might help you get through the divorce more easily. If you have concerns about property division, consult a professional attorney before you do anything.
  5. You May Not Get Sentimental Items – Do you have photo albums and scrapbooks of family get-together’s? Baby books for your children? Digital recordings that are very sentimental to you? Some items you may have to say goodbye to. Not everyone can get everything in a divorce.
  6. Representing Yourself Will Cost You More In The Long Run – Representing yourself in court without the help of a qualified divorce attorney is definitely not the way to go if you want to help yourself at all. A qualified attorney knows how to stand up for you, to fight for your rights, and they won’t buckle under fear. Don’t take the easy road and end up in a desperate situation. Contact an attorney at Lasiter Law to discuss your situation and how we can help you better reach the end result.
  7. You May Be Entitled To Alimony Or Child Support – People are often surprised by how much they are ordered to pay in alimony or child support. You can talk to your attorney about this before going to trial to determine the best course of action to take and to help you prepare for potential end results.

Divorce is not fun and it’s not easy. But the shock and trauma can be reduced by contacting a professional attorney at Lasiter And Jackson, discussing your options, and understanding the potential end results. In Phoenix, the professional divorce attorneys at Lasiter And Jackson are here to protect your rights and help you navigate your divorce the best way possible.


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