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Navigating Divorce With An Experienced Attorney Amidst COVID-19

divorce attorney phoenix, divorce lawyer phoenix, child custody attorney phoenixThe coronavirus pandemic has made a huge impact on every part of our lives. Our schools have been closed. Our jobs have been moved into our homes. We have been held in place without knowing what services will be available to us and how to navigate serious situations like divorce. While the world is busy trying to adapt to a new way of life, couples going through a divorce may have questions regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic might impact the divorce process and their lives. Here are some special considerations that divorcing couples should keep in mind during this pandemic.

  1. Assets HAVE been majorly affected and will continue to be affected. Don’t make rash decisions. It is in the best interest of BOTH PARTIES to be patient and give the market time to calm down before negotiating assets. The market may flip-flop and move like a roller coaster for a while. Take a breath and hold off on making important divisions to your property until the dust has settled. Talk to a professional divorce attorney at Lasiter And Jackson for professional guidance if you are concerned about asset allocation during a divorce.
  2. Child custody does not need to add to the turmoil that is happening in the world. Your children are being affected by school closures, seeing people walking around with masks, and hearing about coronavirus illnesses and death on a daily basis. Keep your home a safe place for your kids by communicating with your spouse and making it clear to your children that you are going to be there for them and that you aren’t going anywhere. Chances are, they are already scared by what is happening in the world. Do your part to help them feel secure in your family. A qualified divorce attorney can help you make the best decisions for your family. Schedule a consultation today to help build the stability your children need.
  3. Divorce will affect medical coverage in the household. As COVID-19 has shown, the impact of the illness is devastating. Nobody should be without healthcare right now. Understand what your healthcare options are before your divorce is final. Make sure everyone in the household has the coverage that they need. Consider hiring a divorce attorney that can help you discover your options and make the best moves during a divorce that will benefit your entire family.
  4. Parenting time is going to require more communication between parents. For medical purposes, each parent should be kept up-to-date on where the children have been, who they have been in contact with, travel plans, extra-curricular activity, etc. Make your child’s health a priority by keeping each other in the loop about health concerns. Medical facilities may want to know a recent history for the child and anyone the child has been in contact with:
  • Has the child had a fever or been in contact with anyone that has had a fever?
  • Has anyone in the home had a fever or cough in the last 14 days?
  • Has anyone in the home been exposed to anyone with a cough or a fever?
  • Has anyone in the home been exposed to someone with a positive COVID diagnosis?
  • Has anyone in the home traveled outside of the state in the last 14 days?

Navigating A Divorce With An Experienced Attorney In Phoenix

The professionals at Lasiter And Jackson understand that a divorce is stressful and emotional. We also know that the current state of our community has impacted many people and that your divorce process is only adding to the turmoil that you and your family are facing. We want to help you. If you need help moving through your divorce process or need expert advice regarding what to do next and what steps to take to handle your divorce the best way, please contact the attorneys at Lasiter And Jackson in Phoenix today.


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