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5 Areas To Cover During A Child Support Case – Ask Your Lawyer

child support lawyer phoenix, child support case phoenix, child support attorney phoenixDetermining child support can seem extremely complex and frustrates many individuals. Both parties want to feel that child support arrangement are fair. If you are dealing with a child support case and need assistance, talk to the professionals at Lasiter & Jackson Law in Phoenix. Not only are our lawyers experienced, they know what it takes to get child support cases resolved successfully. When you need to know your rights and obligations, you put your trust in the expert child support attorneys at Lasiter & Jackson Law.

Child support is going to be based on personal financial information. This typically is determined by the recent income of both parties. However, you may find yourself in conflict with the other parent about different financial issues. When this happens, a child support lawyer can help.

5 Things You Should Consider When Opening a Child Support Case

  1. Child Care Expenses – If you don’t want it to be an issue later, get it resolved now. Both parents are responsible for childcare-related expenses. There are stipulations here and different courses of action both parties can take to make sure that the expenses are taken care of equally.
  2. Income Tax Deductions – You may want to claim your child on tax documents, and so may he. When you cannot agree, you can mediate. Lasiter & Jackson Law is skilled in professional mediation and can help you understand the laws of the state and how you can best reach an agreement when it comes to income tax deductions.
  3. Visitation – Depending on how custody is divided, Arizona has state guidelines set for visitation for both the custodial and non-custodial parents. However, you have the opportunity to set this visitation schedule as it works for YOU. If you can agree on visitation, this is the best solution for everyone.
  4. Medical Expenses And Insurance – Medical expenses and medical insurance are major concerns for parents. One party may have medical benefits available through their employer and one may not. This situation is unique to the individuals and should be worked out and decided. If you don’t understand your rights and obligations as a parent, speak to a qualified child support lawyer for guidance.
  5. Special Needs/Disabled Children – Children who have special needs or have disabilities may need different support from their parents. Special visitation arrangements may need to be made. The child may require other types of services or support that comes with a financial expense. For difficult and non-traditional situations, our child support lawyers have the advanced skill to help negotiate a fair outcome.

In a child support case, both parties need to be willing to bend and compromise. When this isn’t the case, our team is prepared to support your dispute and help you reach a successful closure of your case. When you need help from a lawyer that will listen and guide you in the right direction, contact the professional child support lawyers in Phoenix at Lasiter & Jackson Law.


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