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5 Ways That Hiring A Mediation Attorney Can Help You

mediation attorney phoenix, mediation divorce attorney phoenixMediation is a great way to resolve conflict between two parties and reach an agreement outside of a court and in privacy. A mediator is a neutral party that helps each party work together to reach an end of a dispute. Whether the dispute is regarding child custody, child support, or splitting up marital assets, an experienced mediation attorney in Phoenix understands what is needed for both parties to reach a comfortable agreement and the laws of the state to make those agreements legal.

Mediation provides many benefits to both parties in a dispute:

Resolve Conflict Faster – Court trials can go on and on. It often takes a good period of time to even get a court date. Alternative methods of dispute resolution like hiring a mediation attorney can help you move through a divorce or child custody conflict faster and allow both parties to move forward in their lives. Personal and work time is often cut into during lengthy court processes. All of that can be avoided by relying on the good judgement of a successful mediator.

Avoid Emotional Turmoil – Divorce and custody battles can be very messy. If taken to court, the dispute is on display and much more combative. Mediation provides a peaceful alternative that can ease both parties into an agreement and take away much of the anxiety and pain that a court trial would bring.

Save Money – Not only are court trials lengthy and time-consuming, they are also expensive. Save your money for something more productive. In many instances, you will spend thousands and thousands of dollars only to have a judge decide on a compromise for both parties during a dispute. Put that money away and contact a mediation attorney who can help you come to a compromise without the extra cost.

Keep It PrivateCourt trials are not private. Your life will be put on display and on public record. Intimate details of your personal life are not respected during a court trial and anything that can be aired about you most likely will. During mediation, every detail is private and confidential. You don’t have to worry about your dirty laundry being aired and oftentimes, both parties are less likely to reach a combative state and point fingers.

You Call The Shots – During a court trial, a judge takes control and makes the decisions about what will happen in your divorce. He may or may not rule in your favor – you don’t have control. During a mediation – you and the other party will remain in control and will be able to maneuver the process to make decisions that are right for you and your family. Neither party has to live with a decision made by a judge, you can both reach a decision that will benefit your entire family as a whole.

Hiring A Mediation Attorney In Phoenix

Hiring a mediation attorney in Phoenix is not difficult. Simply contact a professional family law office like Lasiter Law and explain that you are interested in mediation services. Lasiter Law has years of experience in resolving heavy disputes calmly and


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