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Understanding How Social Media Can Be Used During Divorce

divorce law attorney phoenix, divorce law phoenix, divorce consultation attorney phoenix,Both parties in a divorce or child custody case can request social media information from the other party to investigate facts and prepare for trial. From Facebook to online dating profiles, the information found can be used during court and could be used against you. Never go into a divorce or custody battle without consulting with a professional divorce law attorney that can help you navigate through the harm of social media’s effect on divorce cases.

Social media information is often used for a number of reasons:

  1. To provide evidence of a person’s state of mind – Erratic and chaotic posts, angry and belligerent posts, and obscene comments can be used to prove an unstable and hostile environment.
  2. How a party is spending income and child support – Pertaining to finances, posts about vacations, activities and purchases can be used when disputes arise regarding alimony or child support.
  3. As proof of specific actions and whereabouts – Illegal or dangerous activity can be tracked through posts and photos on different social media accounts. It can also be used against you during custody disputes.
  4. For documented time and locations – Facebook check-in’s and posts can track when and where you have been. This information is often used as proof of misbehavior during child custody cases.
  5. For documented communications – As documented evidence, communications on social media can prove infidelity, abuse, misuse of finances, manipulation and lying, violating agreements, and much more.

Even if your social media accounts are private and the other party cannot access them, the information can be legally requested. To keep yourself safe from social media accounts being used against you, consider your options.

Deactivate Social Media Accounts – Take the ammo away from the other party by deleting your social media profiles. Blocking individuals will not keep individuals from finding out information and what you are posting. Private accounts won’t allow certain people to access information, but you may have mutual friends who see what you post and that can lead to trouble.

Consider What You Post – Keep your social media accounts clean. Don’t allow condemning information to happen through social media. Don’t talk about personal matters in instant messengers or emails. Don’t post images or check-in’s. Keep your social media low-key for a while and only use it to keep track of other people. If you need help understanding what you should and should not post, contact a divorce law attorney like the professionals at Lasiter Law.

Avoid Online Dating – For the time being, stay away from online dating. It may save a court case from getting messy and working against you.

Professional Divorce Law Attorney’s In Phoenix Arizona

If you are worried about your social media activity affecting a divorce or custody case, talk to an experienced attorney in Arizona that can help you figure out your next steps and what you should do to prevent evidence from being used against you. Lasiter Law in Phoenix has the experience and knowledge necessary to help your divorce or child custody case move forward while protecting your rights through the process. Don’t battle through a messy court hearing without the help of professionals who understand the law and what you can do to make sure you are prepared.


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