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Co-Parenting Tips For Divorced Parents

professional mediation phoenix, legal mediation phoenix, child custody mediation phoenixMost divorced parents are going to spend their child-raising years trying to co-parent. For many families, this is a tricky job. Setting aside frustrations, anger, and/or pain stemming from the divorce for the best interest of your children isn’t an easy thing to do, no matter how bad you want to. However, research shows that the quality of the relationship between the parents can have a major impact on the overall well-being of the children. Working together to make sure that your children’s needs are met is going to benefit your entire family. If you find co-parenting a challenge for your family, try some of these tips to keep the communication and stability of a joint custody relationship healthy so that your children can thrive.

  1. Keep The Lines Of Communication Open – The more one parent feels alienated and cut-off, the more problems arise. Neither parent should be left in the dark about aspects of their children’s lives. School events and grades, medical concerns, sports events, and other important matters should be discussed so that both parents know what is happening and is given the opportunity to stay involved. Divorce is not meant to separate children from parents.
  2. Resolve Disagreements With Respect – Disagreements are going to arise while co-parenting. Even though you may not agree with your co-parenting partner on certain matters, having respect for their opinions and feelings can go a long way. Keep snarky comments and ill tone to yourself and try to understand where your partner is coming from.
  3. Pick Your Battles – If battles are common, decide which ones really need your time and attention. If you want your child in bed by 7:30 but your ex says 8:00, make some room for flexibility. Eliminate drama by helping maintain balance on both sides and being willing to compromise. This can help set the tone for the relationship and help your ex follow suit.
  4. Be As Consistent As Possible – Your children will thrive best with consistency. Try to come to an agreement when it comes to discipline, rules, and structure. If your child was grounded from electronics at your ex’s house, continue the punishment through the term. Don’t undermine the other parent’s authority. Consistency will help your children adjust and make them less likely to lash out at a stricter parent.
  5. Use MediationMediation for child custody and co-parenting issues can be a major benefit. Use a legal mediator to help set the child custody schedule to eliminate issues with visitation time at the start. A mediator can also be called upon to help find a solution for financial concerns and problems with communication. Mediation is a great alternative to an expensive divorce and stressful court cases. Mediators are neutral and will keep the best interests of your children in mind at all time.

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