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What You Need To Know About Mediation

mediation phoenix, divorce mediation phoenixMediation is a valuable resource to resolve conflict during legal situations. During child custody and divorce cases, mediation can be used to help both parties reach an agreement while limiting the need for court trials. During mediation meetings, a mediator will guide each party through negotiations. This process significantly decreases the stress and tension that comes from painful legal battles and can help both parites avoid high-cost legal fees associated with legal issues.

Mediation offers many benefits to not just the parties involved, but to others affected by the outcome of the legal battle. As conflict is resolved and both parties feel like they are reaching a fair agreement and that they have been heard. For parents who are struggling with custody arrangements, the help of mediation will greatly impact the children and the entire family unit.

Here are a few things you should know about mediation:

  1. It Is Not Mandatory – Mediation is not required during legal issues. In fact, mediation is not even an option if both parties are not willing to be open and flexible. Mediation is about coming to an understanding and helping everyone in the situation find resolution and closure. Without both parties being totally onboard, the process won’t go anywhere. Also, if either party feels as if the mediation is not beneficial, there is nothing stopping them from walking away.
  2. Safety – Mediation often helps people who feel that they have no control or say over what is happening in their lives. Mediation gives both parties a chance to have their voices heard in a safe environment, guided by someone who has both parties best interests in mind.
  3. Faster Resolution – Court dates drag on and on and on…! Things always come up that hold up the process and they can take a long time to reach an outcome. With mediation, you can quickly reach a resolution that feels fair and negotiated rather than appointed by a judge making the ultimate decisions.
  4. Lower Costs – Mediation costs are SIGNIFICANTLY lower than attorney fees and the cost of an ongoing case that is in and out of court. Mediation also doesn’t take nearly as long. You reach a decision faster without going broke.
  5. Extra Support – Legal battles that require mediation are often extremely stressful and scary. People often feel alone and confused while going through the battle and generally feel like they are being attacked by the other side. Mediators are neutral professionals that want what is best for both parties and can limit the feelings of stress and aggression. Both parties can feel safe and like they have someone on their side.

Remember that you are not alone. Many people have had to deal with similar situations and have found success with good mediation and an open mind. Your willingness to participate can help you reach an end goal faster and allow you to move on in your life. The team at Lasiter Law in Phoenix want you to know what your rights are and what options you have when dealing with divorce and custody issues. If you are in need of a mediator or would like legal counsel before entering into a painful divorce or child custody case, please contact our office immediately!


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