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The complex process of adopting a stepchild

Arizona families come in all shapes and sizes, and blended families are common. In some of these cases, the question may arise regarding the adoption of stepchildren, but like other types of adoption, it is not always an easy process. If you would like to adopt the biological children of your spouse, it could be beneficial for you to understand how this process works and what you can expect.

Adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family, but is also a complex legal process that can be difficult to navigate. While this type of adoption may not be as difficult as other types, there are still challenges ahead. If you believe that this is the right step for your family, you would be wise to reach out for an explanation of your legal options.

What should I know about the process?

One of the most significant and potentially complicated aspects of stepparent adoption is the fact that the child’s other biological parent must consent in order for the stepparent to adopt his or her children. You may be certain that you want to take this step and your spouse, a biological parent, may also consent, but the process cannot reach completion until consent is given or there is a court-ordered termination of parental rights.

Getting consent from the other biological parent can be particularly complicated when the other parent is not present or refuses to give consent. In some cases, you may be able to seek termination of the parent’s rights. Consider the following:

  • Abandonment could be grounds for a termination of parental rights, resulting from a lack of communication with the child and no provision of financial support.
  • If you have evidence that the other parent is unfit, it is possible to move to have his or her rights terminated.
  • Being unfit to parent is often a result of drug addiction, abuse, alcoholism and other similar factors.

Seeking to have the rights of the other biological parent terminated is not always easy, and there must be clear grounds to have the court take this extreme action.

Moving on as a family

By consenting to the adoption, the other parent is relinquishing his or her parental rights. This is not always an easy decision to make, no matter the circumstances. However, whether it is through consent or termination of parental rights, you will be free to move forward with the adoption process once you are past this step. Stepparent adoption is not always easy, but could be the best choice for your unique family.


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