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4 prenuptial agreement mistakes that could leave you unprotected

As you bask in the glow of your recent engagement, you may feel as if nothing could bring you down from your elated mood. As a result, one of the last things on your mind may have been divorce. After all, you have not even tied the knot yet. However, your soon-to-be spouse may have broached the topic of creating a prenuptial agreement, and you may feel caught off guard.

Prenuptial agreements do not have to seem like insulting or frightening documents to consider. In fact, these agreements can offer many benefits. Therefore, you may wish to avoid the following mistakes when creating your terms.

Avoiding the discussion

When the topic first comes up, your initial instinct may be to avoid the discussion. You may tell your fiancé that you both do not need such an agreement because your marriage will last or that you do not want to discuss it because it takes away from the joyous feelings of your pending nuptials. However, not taking the time to talk about a prenup may leave you facing a difficult situation later on. Plus, the discussion could allow to you understand each other’s financial situations better.

Agreeing simply to end the process

Because you may have balked at the idea of creating a prenup in the first place, you may consider agreeing quickly to terms just to get the process over with. This mistake could prove costly if your marriage does come to an end. Your spouse could end up with the majority of the assets or other outcomes that leave you feeling dissatisfied.

Dwelling on the document

After the process for completing the prenuptial agreement ends, you may want to put the document out of your mind. If you continue to dwell on its existence or the fact that your fiancé asked to create the agreement, you may find yourself creating issues where none should exist. Rather than thinking of a prenup as a negative point against your relationship, you may want to consider it a protective precaution.

Forgetting to consider your desires

Again, you will likely want to avoid simply agreeing to the first terms presented. If you forget to consider your needs and desires, your future spouse could gain more benefits from the agreement. Therefore, you may wish to find out more information on property division in Arizona and determine what prenup terms may allow you to gain beneficial outcomes of your own.


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