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Mediation can minimize trauma typically associated with divorce

While most people in Arizona and elsewhere spend months planning their weddings, many file for divorce on impulse. Regardless of the circumstances, divorces can leave you emotionally and financially drained. However, with careful planning and qualified advisors, you may be able to control the outcome of your divorce.

Be selective when accepting advice

From the moment that family and friends learn about your intended divorce, there will be no shortage of advice – mostly provided with the best intentions, but often inappropriate. The dynamics of each family are unique, and what worked for others may not work for you. While the moral support of those close to you can be invaluable, it may be best to rely on an experienced legal representative’s advice.

Be financially prepared

A contested divorce can cost us much as $30,000 or more. For this reason, you may want to consider alternatives to litigation. If there is any chance that you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse can sit down and talk through all the contentious issues, your divorce could be significantly more affordable.

Divorce mediation

  • A qualified divorce mediator can facilitate negotiations in peaceful surroundings.
  • Mediation allows both parties equal opportunity to air their concerns and reach mutual solutions to problems.
  • A mediator may not provide legal advice.
  • You and your spouse may have your respective attorneys present during mediation sessions.
  • You can discuss any matters, such as issues related to child custody and parenting plans, along with property division, spousal support and more.

If you and your ex-spouse managed to agree on all issues, you can avoid high court fees and be ready to move into the new chapter of your life within weeks rather than months or years as is typical in a litigated divorce.

You may want to prepare yourself for the mediation sessions by gathering all relevant financial information. List all your jointly held accounts along with their balances. Settling those accounts before the divorce is imperative because you may be partly responsible for outstanding balances after the divorce. It may be best to open new personal accounts before the divorce, while your household income may allow you to qualify for better rates. You can discuss the division of money in shared bank accounts during mediation.

You may face many unanticipated challenges in the time leading up to your divorce, but the support and guidance of an experienced Arizona family law attorney can minimize the trauma typically associated with divorce. A lawyer can provide valuable input during mediation and ensure that the final divorce agreement accurately reflects your opinions and concerns. Your divorce attorney can also make sure of the legality of the document before presenting it to the court.


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