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New hashtag aims to expose non-physical domestic violence

A new hashtag has been making the rounds lately on Twitter, and it is #MaybeHeDoesn’tHitYou. The point of the hashtag is to bring more light to the fact that a lot of domestic violence is not physical. While physical issues can sometimes be spotted–people are quick to notice a black eye–these other issues are often ignored because they’re not as obvious to the public.

The young women who started the whole thing wrote the first post regarding emotional abuse. She noted that some men would put down their significant others, calling them parasites and blaming them for not having enough money. Her point was that this type of attack could be as damaging as a physical one.

Quickly, others started jumping on and sharing their own experiences. Some of the examples include the following:

— A man who emotionally manipulates a woman to get her to stay in a bad relationship
— A man who makes a woman feel badly about positive life choices, like going to college, because they don’t put him first
— A man who manipulates a woman by saying she is lucky anyone would agree to be with her
— A man who ridicules a woman in front of her family members and friends
— A man who always stresses how other people don’t like the woman
— A man who tries to embarrass a woman by talking about private events
— A man who makes a woman feel stupid or childish because of her hobbies

It’s worth noting that the hashtag is geared toward women who are abused by men, but this type of abuse can go in either direction and can also be present in same-sex relationships, so everyone needs to know what legal options they have in Arizona when abuse is present.


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