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The legalization of Same-Sex Marriage is relatively new in the State of Arizona. Unfortunately, to date, the laws regarding Same-Sex Custody and Parenting Time child custody rights have not been revised nor amended to account for the children raised by married same sex couples. This means that children are only presumed to be the children of both parties, thus subject to joint custody laws, if the children are born during the marriage. This is regardless of surrogacy, artificial insemination or other alternative biological parenting alternatives.

Until the laws are changed, the existing laws can cause legal difficulties during custody disputes, as only one parent usually has legal custody rights to the children. The attorneys at Lasiter & Jackson, PLLC are aware of the legal challenges same sex parents face and the challeges of same-sex marriage issues. Our attorneys have been successful on ways to handle such difficulties to ensure sole custody or joint custody agreements can be reached despite the existing laws.  Our firm has litigated issues related to same-property rights, custody right, and parenting issues.  Our firm litigates and also mediates issues related to same-sex issues to ensure your rights are protected and the best interests of your children are protected.  Our attorneys are both compassionate and aggressive in making sure your legal rights are protected and your goals in ensuring the well being of your children are met.

Contact the attorneys at Lasiter & Jackson, PLLC for a consultation to fully understand your rights when in a same sex parenting situation.

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