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If you’re getting divorced quickly—in less than a year, perhaps—your marriage was much shorter than you anticipated when you said your vows. This doesn’t mean that divorce isn’t the answer, as it can be good to call things off if you know the marriage isn’t for you, rather than letting it go on for years. Still, you may be surprised to find yourself where you are, and these tips can help you get through.

— Remember that it takes time. From a legal perspective, it can be far faster to get married than it is to get divorced, even when there aren’t big issues to think about, such as selling the home, dividing your assets or working out a parenting plan. If you go into divorce thinking it will be over quickly, it feels like it takes too long; if you go into it knowing that there’s a lot to be done, it’s easier not to feel frustrated or overwhelmed.

— Take care of tangible issues first. You may feel like the first thing to do is to start telling people who just came to your wedding what’s going on, but it’s better to look at the real-world issues. Where are you going to live? If you have children, who will take care of them? Do you still have any income streams? Not only do you want to get these aspects of your life sorted out, but they can play into the divorce process regarding child custody, division of assets and more.

— Consider a scenery change. If it’s hard for you to live somewhere that constantly reminds you of the divorce—especially if you didn’t want the divorce, but your spouse did. It may be a good idea to move. Change up the scenery and invest time and energy into creating a new life for yourself. Staying busy helps, as well.

As you consider the above, make sure you also look into the legal steps that need to be taken in Arizona to make the divorce official.

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